Repression of Free Speech

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    UAE authorities have launched a sustained assault on freedom of expression and association since 2009. UAE residents who have spoken about human rights issues are at serious risk of arbitrary detention, imprisonment, and torture such as Ahmed Mansour, Dr Mohammed al-Roken, Dr Nasser bin Ghaith, Hussain Ali al-Najjar al-Hammadi, Osama al-Najjar,  . HRW note that any are serving long prison terms or have left the country under pressure. The UAE’s 2014 counterterrorism law provides for the death penalty for people whose activities “undermine national unity or social peace,” neither of which the law defines. Many journalists and writers were imprisoned for long sentences due to their criticism of the UAE royal family and government policies. CCTVs and monitoring system are almost everywhere in the country which confiscates the rights of privacy. They are used to ban any discussion about the government and its policies. Al Razeen Prison is the hub of torture and humiliation against those who are jailed.

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